Gallery Merimbula Water Dragons

Mary & Pat with Bling, Jindabyne 2017

Go Girls! Jindabyne 2017

Mens team paddling out to the start line, Jindabyne 2017 Racing at Jindabyne 2017
A Jindabyne 2017 community team on its way to the start Merimbula Water Dragons Womens Team, Jindabyne 2017 The Women's Team - undermanned but brought home the Bling, Jindabyne 2017 Unloading the boats, Jindabyne 2017
Terry, Mick & Laurie waiting for the Men's 10s, Jindabyne 2017 Southern Warriors at State Championships, Penrith 2017 Heather B & Bling - Southern Warriors 1st in Mixed Heat, State Championships, Penrith 2017 Western v Northern & Southern Regions - State Championships, Penrith 2017
The Perpetual Lamp - "Raffled" at MWD Social Events Getting instructions from "The Boss" - Mallacoota Marathon 2016 The kettle is on the boil - Mallacoota Marathon 2016 Loading - everyone to their boats, Mallacoota Marathon 2016
And the winner is .... Mary B, Christmas 2016 Paul - keeper of the eggs, Mallacoota Marathon 2016 The Official Judge - Mallacoota Marathon 2016 Time for a break - Mallacoota Marathon 2016
Another happy winner - Winnie, Australia Day 2017

Santa and his unhappy helper Xmas 2016

These two just love the attention "C'mon then, let's get this show on the road'
"I know, I know, you don't have to keep telling me!" Pretty in Pink - MWD's Xmas BBQ 2016 Some kids never grow up Look - no hands!

"The Flag Bearer" - Heather C, Australia Day 2017

A great way to end a paddle - morning tea at Broadwater, Australia Day 2017 Come-n-try Day, January 2016 "Try Paddlers", January 2016